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Quote, don’t copy!

The following text serves as an example of how one should quote when using someone else’s ideas and when using someone else’s own words. Please make note of the difference and use this paragraph as an example of how to use quotations. Remember!! plagiarism is severely punished!

In his critique of linguistic structuralism’s breaking down of language into abstracts units such as speech, sentences, phrases, words, syllables, and phonemes, Bakhtin argues that the real unity of speech communication is the utterance: the manifestation of speech considered in relation to both the concrete situation (context) in which the speech takes place and the anticipation of the responses it might arouse in the interlocutor. (Bakhtin, 2002) According to Bakhtin, the utterance is characterized primarily by “a particular referentially semantic content,” and in addition to that, by its expressive aspect, “the speaker’s subjective emotional evaluation” of this semantic content, (2002, 84) which in oral communication is conveyed through intonation and extra-verbal elements such as facial expressions, body language, and so on. Thus any word and any sentence, regardless of their semantic meaning, are neutral when not applied to a particular reality (2002, 84). They acquire their expressive aspect in the concrete utterance only.

* At the end of the paper one should have a detailed bibliography that accounts for all the references and texts that are used in one’s work.

For example:

Bakhtin, M.M., “Problems of Speech Genres,” in Speech Genres & Other Later Essays. Austin: University of Texas Press, 2002



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