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Readings for Sept. 26th September 24, 2007

Posted by generoscinematograficos in assignments.

Cuarto capitulo del libro de Steve Neale, Genre and Hollywood.
 Film Noir (pg. 151-179)

Introducción y los siguientes ensayos del libro de Silver y Ursini, Film Noir Reader.
– Introduction
(pg. 3-16)
– Raymond Borde & Etienne Chaumont, Towards a Definition of Film Noir. (pg. 17-27)
– Charles Highman and Joel Greenberg, Noir Cinema (pg. 27-36)



1. Joan Manuel - September 25, 2007

Hi, just a simple cuestion… We have to do the estrutured sinopsis of the 3 texts…and could you post the text that I have to do the presentation…Kill me again…I want to have time to make it

2. Joan Manuel - September 26, 2007

Hi!, i’m sorry f I bother you but I’ve to make you know that the text that i’ll work on “Karen Hollinger, Film Noir, Voice Over and the Femme Fatale (pg. 243-259)” thas not appear in the directory, I search a couple of times before send you this message. If I’m wrong I appologize but couldn’t find it. Also I don’t know why I’m signed in 2 expositions the same day or at least that what shows in the post of the oral presentations. So I will pass to your office tomorrow morning of afternoon. Thanks and I appreciate your help!

3. cineycrispetas - September 26, 2007

you are right…it is not there… I will try and have it up bu friday.

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